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I have two tables.

Table1 contains companies whose locations are georeferenced with lat/lng coordinates in a column called the_geom

Table2 also contain the same companies from Table1, not georeferenced, along with hundreds of other companies whose addresses are georeferenced.

All I need to do is insert the_geom lat/lng values from Table1 companies into their corresponding entries in Table 2. The common denominator on which these inserts can be based on is the address column.

Simple question, I am sure, but I rarely use SQL.

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you dont insert rows here, you update. – John Woo Oct 13 '12 at 3:15

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Assuming that by

insert "the_geom" lat/lng values

you actually mean to update existing rows in table2:

UPDATE table2 t2
SET    the_geom = t1.the_geom
FROM   table1 t1
WHERE  t2.address = t1.address
AND    t2.the_geom IS DISTINCT FROM t1.the_geom; -- avoid empty updates

Also assuming that the address column has UNIQUE values.
Details about UPDATE in the excellent manual here.

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Yeap, exactly what I meant, this did the trick. Thanks Erwin. – John Oct 13 '12 at 3:18

If you are a mysql user(like me) and if the above script is not working, here is the mysql equivalent.

UPDATE table2 t2, table1 t1
SET    the_geom = t1.the_geom
WHERE  t2.address = t1.address
AND    t2.the_geom <> t1.the_geom; -- avoid empty updates

All credits to the OP.

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