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Is there a free way to send an http request via SMS? I am basically looking to send a text message from my phone to a website, and execute it's php server code. Can this be done, if so, how?

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i think you better not send http request via sms but, use email gateway, then you can use robot like procmail –  eicto Oct 13 '12 at 4:13
also you can use wap gateway (for really old mobile) –  eicto Oct 13 '12 at 4:13
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if you have an android phone,

then i have a solution.


1) Send Server URL wich you want to execute by sms from your phone.

2) Write code to receive sms in phone. Reference Link

3) From that sms, Read sms content and get web URL in a String object.

4) Write code to fetch web page using that same URL in Android. Reference Link

5) For this you required internet access in your android phone. No gateway required here. and this process is free and complete in your control.

i hope this will helps you. Thanks.

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