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Hi I'm trying to extract the parameters from a class definition.

class locale.company.app.LoginData(username:String, password:String)

I have extracted the package name and class name, but the parameters are causing me some trouble.

I used Rubular to construct the following regex:


According to Rubular this should work but it doesn't, as it will only match the first parameter. So i tried this regex instead:

classDescription = "class locale.company.app.LoginData(username:String, password:String)"
fieldMatches = classDescription.match(/(((\w+\s*):(\s*\w+))(\s*,\s*)?)+/)

I print out the matches using the following code:

fieldMatches.to_a.each {|m| puts m}

And I get this result:

username:String, password:String

This is only matching the second parameter for some reason. Does anyone know method to extract the parameters?

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I think you want to use "scan" rather than "match":

classDescription = "class locale.company.app.LoginData(username:String, password:String)"
fieldMatches = classDescription.scan(/(\w+\s*):(\s*\w+)/)
fieldMatches.each {|m| puts m}

which gives:

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Excellent thanks Martin, I just knew there had to be a greedy method. Thanks again –  Brian Heylin Aug 17 '09 at 11:57

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