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Is it unsafe to use the user_id in my sql table as the session id? is this normally what php developers do?

Also I've tried countless times to store the session id as the user id

$_SESSION['uid'] = $user_id;
header("Location: profile/edit_profile.php");

in my init_inc

function fetch_user_info($uid){
$uid = (int)$uid;

$sql = "SELECT
            `user_id` AS `id`,
            `user_firstname` AS `firstname`,
            `user_lastname` AS `lastname`,
            `user_about` AS `about`,
            `user_email` AS `email`
        FROM `users`
        WHERE `user_id` = {$uid}";

$result = mysql_query($sql);        
return mysql_fetch_assoc($result);

If i have $_SESSION['uid'] = 90; it will display test@test.ca info here after you log on

so my question is, is it safe to store the session id as the user_id, and how come when i try to do it, why isn't it working?

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A couple things:

1.) A session ID should not be a constant value for a particular user. That is a security violation. The session ID should change every once in a while. Ideally, it should be a random value.

2.) It doesn't look like you are setting the session ID. You are setting the session variable called "uid".

3.) Did you ever call session_start()?

Despite the fact that I really would not recommend setting a session ID to a constant value, you can set the ID for a session using the session_id() function:

$session_id = "some_random_value";

But like I said, this should not be the user's ID. You can store the user's ID as session information, and check that when the user loads a page to see if they are logged in.

if (isset($_SESSION["user_id"]))
    //user is logged in
    $user_id = $_SESSION["user_id"];
    //make user log in
    $user_id = result_of_login();
    $_SESSION["user_id"] = $user_id;

More information on PHP sessions in the session documentation.

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yes i set session_start! –  ramr Oct 13 '12 at 4:42
why is it a security violation, what am i to do instead? –  ramr Oct 13 '12 at 4:43
If the session ID for a user is always the same, then it would be must easier for a malicious user to hijack the user's sessions. PHP generates random session IDs for you, so you shouldn't have to do anything. –  Geoff Montee Oct 13 '12 at 4:44
Hmmm, how come when i log on then and try to edit profile it doesn't know what user I'm logged on as. –  ramr Oct 13 '12 at 4:47
You should store the user's login information in the session data. However, the session ID should not be the user's ID. –  Geoff Montee Oct 13 '12 at 4:48

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