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I'm learning selenium these days.

Can someone tell me how to parametrize a web application for testing in selenium?

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Can you add more to your question, I don't understand what you are after. Would you like to create Data-Driven Selenium Tests? – AutomatedTester Aug 17 '09 at 9:30
yes.need to Create data driven selenium test.please send me a link / e-book to study more about selenium (except selenium.org) written for beginners. Thank you – JKK Aug 20 '09 at 5:48

If you are using java, you can create a .java file to store the variables with their locators and refer to those as parameters.

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I'm not really sure what you're looking for but in case you're trying to parametrize your tests for easy changes, you should take a look at Selenese variables: http://seleniumhq.org/docs/04%5Fselenese%5Fcommands.html#store-commands-and-selenium-variables

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you've got a bad link. What were you trying to post? – Greg Sep 8 '12 at 10:18

We wrote a test core with Selenium's webdriver framework. It's available in most of the popular languages: Java, Python, Ruby, C#. Then the test core reads from our own format CSV file to perform the actions that has been generalized based on target web application, example:

  1. action to click "go" button
  2. action to add item to cart
  3. action to select item with the name "abc"
  4. etc etc

And then it will produce a log file for test report.

Is this what you mean by parametrize?

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You can use java reflection API for parametrization also i am using open office excel sheet to pass parameter to selenium functions Using Java reflection API you will be able to pass selenium functions as a string Selenium functions can be stored in a xml file and using java reflection API you can execute them

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I really suggest TestNG for this. As it easy to use dataProvider concept...

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There are various methods to parametrize the selenium RC code. You can use CSV, Microsoft Excel, XML and the .properties file. In Microsoft Excel you can use POI APIs-HSSF(for Excel 2003) and XSSF(for Excel 2007).

The best method that I find is using properties file. As told earlier also you can also use TestNG data provider but if you are using JUnit you have to use above mentioned method.


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This extension provides a little more help with script parametrization in Selenium IDE: SelBlocks

It provides scoped variables, and can take parameters from an external XML file.

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If your just using the Selenium IDE, making parametrized tests is doable but kind of tricky.

I recommend exporting your scripts to a real programming language(if you haven't already) and using a testing framework to make you tests parametrized and data-driven. Junit and TestNG both have good support for doing this.


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the ide really should be avoided if you're serious about test automation. It has some pretty severe limitations and the scripts will be prone to break – Greg Sep 8 '12 at 10:15

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