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How do I connect a Python and a C program?

I have a C program that takes two args and outputs a number.

./a.out 2 3 (for example). It does some computational expensive operations, so I was wondering could I use Python's multiprocessing library to run a bunch of the C programs and then compile all the numbers into a list or table or some data structure?


This is not a duplicate because my questions is how can i do it IN PARALLEL EX. MANY THREADS!

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// Your C file to be called from python
// To compile :
// gcc -dynamiclib -I/usr/include/python2.7/ -lpython2.7 -o Module.dylib Module.c

#include < Python.h >

static PyObject* py_myFunction(PyObject* self, PyObject* args)
    char *s = "Hello from C!";
    return Py_BuildValue("s", s);

static PyMethodDef myModule_methods[] = {
    {"myFunction", py_myFunction, METH_VARAGS},
    {NULL, NULL}

void initmyModule()
    (void) Py_InitModule("myModule", myModule_methods);

To call from python:

from Module import *
print "Result from myFunction:", myFunction()
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