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I'm trying to automate a script using QTP and SAP.

In SAP an order is generated with Document number in status bar as "Standard PO created under the number 4500290636"

My challenge is how should I convert take string to an Integer value.

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Does your numeric string always occur at the end, is it always 10 digita? – brettdj Oct 13 '12 at 10:50

Since you are using SAP, I think it is safe to assume that the document number will always have a length of 10 characters. So, you can extract it using the Right function, then just convert it using Val. Something like this:

yourInteger = Val(Right(yourSAPString, 10))

Note: in .net, you could use Convert.ToInt32 instead of Val

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You could use the split function:

Dim strSplit As Variant
Dim yourNumericOut As Variant

    strSplit = Split("Standard PO created under the number 4500290636")

    If IsNumeric(UBound(strSplit)) Then yourNumericOut = --strSplit(UBound(strSplit))

Then test for numeric, will allow for many lengths and could change the position of the number in the returned values.

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