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I am using a MySQL database. I am completely sure that the ID does actually exist in the database. Why is it going to the last else (where is says //incorrect id) ?

            //Localise user id.
            $userid = $_SESSION['userid'];

            //Get content of the article.
            $sql = "SELECT * FROM articles WHERE creatorid = '$userid'";
            $result = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error()); //Execute. If fails, show error.
            $array = mysql_fetch_array($result);

            if(in_array($articleid, $array)) //If the URL id exists in the database (array)
                //The article does actually exist for that user. They requested it.
                $sql = "SELECT * FROM articles WHERE id = '$articleid'";                
                $result = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error()); //Execute. If fails, show error. 
                $array = mysql_fetch_array($result);

                        $content = $array['content'];

                        if($content != '') //If the article has actually been written.
                            include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/includes/renderimage.php');
                        }   else
                                //Article actually hasn't been written.
            }   else
                    //Incorrect ID.
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where is $articleid? is it initialised? if not then else part will execute. –  Yogesh Suthar Oct 13 '12 at 6:32
If I'm not wrong, you can't use in_array in that context. I have a gut feeling it doesn't iterate multiple dimensions. –  budwiser Oct 13 '12 at 6:32
Please don't use the mysql_* functions, they are no longer maintained and community has begun the deprecation process . Instead you should learn about prepared statements and use either PDO or MySQLi. If you cannot decide, this article will help to choose. If you want to learn, here is a good PDO-related tutorial. –  vascowhite Oct 13 '12 at 6:35
$articleid is initialised in the script. $articleid = $_GET['ref']; –  KriiV Oct 13 '12 at 6:41
add var_dump($array); and see what is in $array –  Sherin Jose Oct 13 '12 at 6:42

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You're only looking in the first row that's returned. You need to call mysql_fetch_array in a loop to get each row. Also, you shouldn't use in_array(), since the article ID might appear in some other column (what if you're checking for article #3 and user #3?).

But if you just want to see if the article was created by this user, you can use a different query:

SELECT * FROM articles WHERE creatorid = '$userid' AND articleid = '$articleid';

This should return either 0 or 1 row depending on whether the user created the article. You can then use mysql_num_rows() to test for this.

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Perfect! Thank you! –  KriiV Oct 13 '12 at 6:43

It appears you are accessing the array incorrectly. On top of that you are returning multiple articles if the creator posted more than one so your in_array() is totally invalid. Change the limit on your query to one record (LIMIT 0,1) and access the creator id by calling:

$result[0]->creatorid or $result['creatorid']

depending on how your resource is queried

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