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ReferenceError: documentGetElementsByName is not defined MoveSiteTitle();

ReferenceError: MoveSiteTitle is not defined


Any help ....!

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I encountered the same problem in the latest version of Chrome (v.23). However when I switched to older version (v.17), the error did not appear. I wonder if it's SharePoint's compatibility issue with Chrome. –  df1 Dec 5 '12 at 6:36

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Well, seems to be a Chrome related issue as df1 reported. There is one solution however to get rid of the script error if you like.

Put this code inside your master page above the s4-workspace tag or similar:

if(typeof documentGetElementsByName==='undefined')
    documentGetElementsByName = function(value){
            return $('[name="'+value+'"]');
        return null;

if(typeof MoveSiteTitle==='undefined')
    // Well.... Don't know what this function is supposed to do                           
    // but this way I am avoiding script error...
    MoveSiteTitle = function(value){
        return "";
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This is just javascript basic error.Here documentGetElementsByName(What is the variable name here) Check this variable name and search cant find any where in ur current page. Modify variable name or put some condition over there.

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