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I am trying to map the value of an analogRead from a potentiometer between 0-1. So I do:

float inverse_value = 1.0f / (float)analogRead( pot_pin )

But when the analogRead of the potentiometer is at 0, the inverse is 0 (which is correct), but when the analogRead is at 1023, the inverse becomes 0.0009775170.

Am I doing the divide correctly or what?

All the circuit is connected correctly. And the Arduino is running properly (I get no errors when uploading).

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What you want to do, is probably this:

float inverse_value = (float)analogRead(pot_pin) / 1023.0f;

Assuming the max position is 1023.

That way, 0 to 1023 will be mapped as 0 to 1.

For example, when the potentiometer is in the middle position (512), it becomes this:

float inverse_value = 512.0f / 1023.0f;

Which is about 0.5, and probably what you want to get.

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Thanks, that worked! –  Tom Tetlaw Oct 13 '12 at 6:57
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