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I am creating an android application , Where I want to like on my friend's wall post. Is it possible via my own android application ? I have tried this way but always a permission error like

{"error":{"message":"(#200) Requires publish_stream permission or Requires valid signature","type":"OAuthException","code":200}},

The sample of my application is

Utility.fb = new Facebook(StaticValues.APP_ID);
AsyncFacebookRunner fbAsyncRunner = new AsyncFacebookRunner(Utility.fb);
Bundle parameters = new Bundle();
fbAsyncRunner.request(commentId + "/likes", parameters, "POST", new  MyRequestListener(), "");

I have added some permission like

 "offline_access", "publish_stream",
        "read_stream", "user_photos", "publish_checkins",  "photo_upload","user_likes","friends_likes"

How do I Like,comment,post under my friend's comments ?

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Your title is a little misleading. You want to know how to like comments on posts. The title suggests, you want to know how to like the posts. – IceMAN Oct 13 '12 at 7:56


Enables your app to post content, comments, and likes to a user's stream and to the streams of the user's friends. This is a superset publishing permission which also includes publish_actions

This permission is ok but I think problem may be that you are adding it only at mobile end , i.e. , only in code. Add the permissions in your Facebook app which you registered at Facebook and try.

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