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I've had a search around here and either

  1. The answer isn't here; or
  2. The search engine on here sucks


I am trying to add FB integration to my Windows 8 Metro (yeah I said it) JavaScript app. the only problem is I cant work out what type of app I need to create on Facebook. There are only 3 options, iOs, android, and Web App. If I choose Web App, it asks for a mobile web URL, and of course the app isn't on the web so I assume this will be a problem. Further to this is he fact that the code I need to include in my "mobile app" asks me to define a channelUrl (again, no URL, as its a metro app) so I am very confused.

Anyone here gotten this successfully working and provide me a hint as to which type of FB app I need to create so that I can get the ball rolling?

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Choose the first option Website with Facebook Login. In Site Url, you should be able to put down whatever you want, eg your own site, blog, etc.

You will use Web authentication broker. See http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsapps/Web-Authentication-d0485122

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Cool, thanks!ok, so I will be using the broker to sign in, after that should the tutorials on the facebook page for publishing posts etc work as they normal without any modification? –  Kamran Rastegar Oct 26 '12 at 5:31

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