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There are many files for which data is in the following form

year Jan Feb Mar ...........Dec
1990 x1  x2   x3           x12    
1991 y1  y2   y3           y12

. .

2000 z1 z2 z3             z12

I want to transpose each of the rows and stack them as a column to get the time series as



I have looked at the reshape package but not clear as to how it will apply in this problem. Any ideas for doing this in R ?

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Perhaps melt() from the "reshape2" package is what you are looking for:

DF <- read.table(header = TRUE, text = "Year Jan Feb Mar 
1990 x1  x2   x3     
1991 y1  y2   y3 ")

DF2 <- melt(DF, id.vars="Year")
DF2[order(DF2$Year), ]
#   Year variable value
# 1 1990      Jan    x1
# 3 1990      Feb    x2
# 5 1990      Mar    x3
# 2 1991      Jan    y1
# 4 1991      Feb    y2
# 6 1991      Mar    y3
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Well, I want all the monthly values in order. 1990 Jan Feb Mar ...Dec Then 1991 Jan Feb Mar ... Dec as in the question. Its a time series data and the order requires stacking the transposes of rows. – Anusha Oct 13 '12 at 8:39
@Anusha, then just use order(). See updated output. – Ananda Mahto Oct 13 '12 at 8:42
Thanks a lot. Its the order command which I was missing. – Anusha Oct 13 '12 at 9:10

Suppose your data is called dat, I would like to suggest:

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