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I have an application in which I let users choose their language, after choosing the language it will also change the dates and time according to the the country's date format.

I do so by a NSDateFormatter.- [dateFormatter setDateFormat:.....]; for english-US - I use "h:mm a" - to show am/pm settings.

PROBLEM IS: the am pm are only shown if my iPhone is on 12 hours mode, I guess it's because it automatically checks for the iPhone's time format, is there a way to override this? that the am/pm will show as well in 24 mode.

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This works for me:

dateFormatter.dateFormat = @"H:mm a";


// Set up formatter
NSDateFormatter *dateFormatter;
dateFormatter = [[NSDateFormatter alloc] init];
dateFormatter.dateFormat = @"H:mm a";

// Print test date
NSDate *date = [NSDate dateWithTimeIntervalSinceNow:8900];
NSLog(@"%@", [dateFormatter stringFromDate:date]);


14:23 PM
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And according to your "language choosing" feature: Why don't you use Apples built in localization features? See Guidelines for Internationalization – Mennny Oct 13 '12 at 10:04
NSDateFormatter *formatter = [[NSDateFormatter alloc] init];
[formatter setLocale:[NSLocale currentLocale]];
[formatter setDateStyle:NSDateFormatterNoStyle];
[formatter setTimeStyle:NSDateFormatterShortStyle];
[formatter setDateFormat:@"hh:mm:ss a"];
NSString *date = [formatter stringFromDate:[NSDate date]];
NSArray *foo1 = [date componentsSeparatedByString:@" "];

NSRange amRange = [date rangeOfString:[formatter AMSymbol]];
NSRange pmRange = [date rangeOfString:[formatter PMSymbol]];
BOOL is24h = (amRange.location == NSNotFound && pmRange.location == NSNotFound);

NSArray *foo2 = [[foo1 objectAtIndex:0] componentsSeparatedByString:@":"];
int hour = [[foo2 objectAtIndex:0] intValue];
int minute = [[foo2 objectAtIndex:1] intValue];
int second = [[foo2 objectAtIndex:2] intValue];


if (is24h) {
    if (hour >= 12) {
        isAM = NO;
    } else {
        isAM = YES;
} else {
    isAM = [[foo1 objectAtIndex:1] isEqualToString:@"AM"];
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