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In Visual Basic 6, it is possible to define a method/property as "default". When this is applied to a class, and a class instance is used, certain assignments use the default property/method defined on that class implicitly. However, it is also possible to apply default to a property/method that is housed in a module. What would this achieve? How would it be possible to use an implicit method/property call that is housed in a module?

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Like you, I don't see how it can have any effect. You can also set methods in modules as AboutBox or Refresh, which surely can't mean anything? I think it's probably an oversight that you can set the procedure ID (DispID) for methods and properties in standard BAS modules.

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No its not possible. The Default property is achieved by using a DispID of 0 on a member of an interface. Since Modules do not implement interfaces its not possible to indicate that function in a module is a "Default".

Why would you want to do this in a module anyway?

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Downvoter, please explain? –  AnthonyWJones Sep 1 '09 at 12:24

You can set a default property/method in a user-defiend class, but not for the existing classes for the reasons stated above.

Setting a default property in a user-defined class

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