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I've generated a new project using the Yii-​​boilerplate(Haml branch), but there is an error:

Use of undefined constant HAMLPHP_ROOT - assumed 'HAMLPHP_ROOT' in \yii-boilerplate\protected\extensions\yiihppie\vendors\HamlPHP\src\HamlPHP\Lang\Nodes\DoctypeNode.php.

Any advices on how to solve it?

Update: HAMLPHP_ROOT is already defined in \yii-boilerplate\protected\extensions\yiihppie\vendors\HamlPHP\src\HamlPHP\Config.php as

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Finally I've managed to resolve the issue. The problem was that \yii-boilerplate\protected\extensions\yiihppie\vendors\HamlPHP\src\HamlPHP\HamlPHP.php includes wrong Config.php

require_once 'Config.php';

It actually includes Config.php from the Pear directory, not from the current one. So I've specified it unambigiously as

require_once dirname(__FILE__) . '/Config.php';

and it works.

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nice, btw it's ok to accept your own answer. – Oct 13 '12 at 15:28

define of the constant HAMLPHP_ROOT in index.php or config.php

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