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I have 3 tables named as, ticket,branches,payload


ticketid  branchid   waittime    servicetime
   1         3          10           5
   2         4          20           30


branchid   branchname
   3        Newyork
   4        kansas


branchid   ticketid   segment
   3          1        GOLD
   4          2        SILVER

these are some sample values, now all I want to do is that I want to get branchid from "payload table", branchname from "branches" table, ticketid from "payload" table, segment from "payload" table and waittime and service time from "ticket" table such that:

branchid   branchname    ticketid    segment     waittime    servicetime
   3        newyork         1         GOLD         10            5
   4        kansas          2         silver       20            30

and I am using mssql and I am new to it.

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well you need to join all the tables.

SELECT  a.branchid, c.branchname, a.ticketid,
        a.segment, b.waittime,b.servicetime
FROM    payload a
        INNER JOIN ticket b
            ON a.ticketid = b.ticketid
        INNER JOIN branches c
            ON a.branchid = c.branchid

SQLFiddle Demo

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Would make a good candidate for a view in that database, too! – marc_s Oct 13 '12 at 11:08

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