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I work with Selenium WedDriver in C#.

Is there a way to catch and log all JS errors that could happen through my test runs in Google Chrome?

Such as "JSErrorCollector" for Firefox -

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Now we have the same plug-in for Chrome. It's here -

It is very similar to JSErrorCollector.

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As mentioned by Simeon Sinichkin, ChromeJSErrorCollector is immensely useful here. For anyone else in C#, here's some sample code to grab JS Errors and log them to a file/the console:

var options = new ChromeOptions();
var driver = new ChromeDriver(options);

// run tests...

var javascriptDriver = driver as IJavaScriptExecutor;
var errors = javascriptDriver.ExecuteScript("return window.JSErrorCollector_errors ? window.JSErrorCollector_errors.pump() : []");
var writer = new StreamWriter("jsErrors.log");
var collection = errors as ReadOnlyCollection<object>;
foreach (var item in collection)
    var errorObject = item as Dictionary<string, object>;
    foreach (var field in errorObject)
        Console.WriteLine(field.Key + " - " + field.Value);
        writer.WriteLine(field.Key + " - " + field.Value);


Output looks like this:

errorMessage - Error: Script error
lineNumber - 1795
pageUrl - http://someURL
sourceName - http://someURL/Scripts/require.js
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I may be off base here as I've never worked with Selenium and therefore may not understand the context fully: but you can use window.onerror to catch any errors that occur in the browser and then do something with them (send them to a database or log file, perhaps).

Note, this is not strictly limited to JavaScript errors and can also include some HTTP errors as well.

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any example how to use it? – Oleg Strokatyy May 16 '13 at 14:28

Use chrome developer tools(ctrl+shift+i) and look at the console tab for errors.

Chrome also lets you set breakpoints on certain lines of your code and see all of the values of your variables.

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