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I have a script in one of my iOS apps that should get the git revision hash and put it in the version number. In this script I run git --git-dir="$PROJECT_DIR" show -s --pretty=format:%h for that. However, I get the message that the directory isn't a git repository. If I echo the PROJECT_DIR var and go to the terminal the following works:

cd projectDirPath
git show -s --pretty=format:%h

What doesn't work is:

git --git-dir=projectDirPath show -s --pretty=format:%h

Am I missing something? The documentation states, that I can specify the path to a git repository with --git-dir and the specified path obviously is a git repository as all the git commands work without any problem if I first cd into that path. However if I am not in this path, specifing --git-dir doesn't work.

Best regards, Michael

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--git-dir needs to point at the .git folder of your repository. Try git --git-dir=projectDirPath/.git show -s --pretty=format:%h. – jszakmeister Oct 13 '12 at 18:51
Thanks, that was the problem. You might want to post this as an answer so I can flag it as the answer to the problem! – Michael Ochs Oct 14 '12 at 10:34
Great! I posted this as an answer as well. – jszakmeister Oct 14 '12 at 10:40
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When using --git-dir, you need to point at the .git folder of your repository. Try:

git --git-dir=projectDirPath/.git show -s --pretty=format:%h

I use to have an issue remembering this myself. To help me remember what to do, I try to remember that the option is asking for exactly what it wants: the path to the .git directory (git-dir).

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