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I want to add products in bigcommerce store using bigcommerce Api PHP.

My code is like below:

$fields = array( "name" => "Apple" );

store is connected successfully but products are not creating.Please help...

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It looks like you are creating a brand and not a product. If you want to create a product, you can do something like below -

$filter = array('name' => 'iPhone sticker', 'price' => '12.99', 'categories' => array(2), 'type' => 'physical', 'availability' => 'available', 'weight' => 0);
$product = Bigcommerce_Api::createProduct($filter);
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You can create brand by using xml,please check below code :

$xml = '<brand>
$brand_exe = BigCommerce_Api::createBrand($xml);
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Well, XML is not the only way. It is not required to use XML. You can create the products via JSON as well. –  Saran Jan 10 '13 at 22:44
it works thank you very much –  user1713694 Feb 1 '13 at 13:31
$new_product = new Bigcommerce_Api_Product();
$new_product->name = $_POST['name'];
$new_product->type= "type";
$product = $new_product->create();
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