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My app works perfectly in resolution 480x800. If I keep the 480x800 resolution but change the screen size to for example 2.7 inches, 3.7 inches or 5.4 inches it still is perfect. But when I change the resolution to for example 640x1066 all the ImageButtons is too small and in the wrong place in all screen sizes... I have created ImageButtons in all four folders(drawable-l, m, h, xh) but still the buttons is not in the correct size..

android:background="@drawable/imagebutton1" />

android:background="@drawable/imagebutton2" />

NOTE: My problem is not when I change screen size, but when I change screen resolution.

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Yes ofcourse it will change. You are giving margins(left, top) in dp which varies based on the resolutions. To avoid this issue you should do dynamic calculations like dynamically getting screen height and width and setting margins accordingly.

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Are you using 9 patch images?

They work a lot nicer when it comes to things like image buttons, check them out in the Android docs.

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