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Been struggling with this problem for hours!

Websites like CSSDeck gives an embed code that consists of a pre and script tag. You can embed that code inside your blog and that stuff will show up. Here is an example of what I mean.

But when I use that code in my Wordpress blog, it strips out the script tag. How can I solve this problem ? Also can I solve it in a way so that I can add script tags from a whitelist domains that I defined somewhere ?

Some Help would be really appreciated.


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You can use the tinymce settings valid_elements and valid_children to define what tinymce will strip out and what tinymce will keep.

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If you wish to add javascript to your page you can try the Function Reference/wp enqueue script

Also, you should have a look at less filter plugin and Advanced Excerpt plugin

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wp_enqueue_script doesnt seems helpful as I want to insert script tag inside the WP Post. Advanced Excerpt plugin doesnt seems helpful either. I am a bit reluctant to try the less filter plugin since its not on the Wordpress Plugins list ? dont know. I really think the solution should be something quite simple. many people are doing it :/ –  user1437328 Oct 13 '12 at 13:03

You can paste (at least simple) scripts into the HTML version of the editor, but not into the Visual version. The Visual version will encode the script, thus breaking it. I tested this a day or two ago on an almost up-to-date WordPress. If your script has dependencies like JQuery, it may not work though. It depends on when the dependencies load and how the script is written.

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I did write <script src="site.com/embed.js"></script>; in the HTML tab of the editor. My version of WP is the latest (3.4.2) - I just downloaded and installed it yesterday! The editor was simply stripping the script tag, and I have read that happens on save too by something called kses. I still haven't found a proper solution to it :S –  user1437328 Oct 14 '12 at 4:34

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