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I'm building an alarm app. When the alarm starts an intent a receiver is started where the "magic" happens. Somehow the onReceive() method inside the broadcast receiver is called more then once.

Any ideas why it is happening?


It is called more then once only if the screen is closed, if the screen is open it does not happen. When the screen close I call this code to open it:

KeyguardManager km = (KeyguardManager) getSystemService(Context.KEYGUARD_SERVICE);
KeyguardManager.KeyguardLock kl = km.newKeyguardLock("MyKeyguardLock");

WakeLock wakeLock = pm.newWakeLock(PowerManager.FULL_WAKE_LOCK | 
                                   PowerManager.ACQUIRE_CAUSES_WAKEUP | 
                                   PowerManager.ON_AFTER_RELEASE, "MyWakeLock");

What am I doing wrong? In the AndroidManifest.xml I registered the broadcast reciever using this code:

<receiver android:name="com.xxx.xxx.myAlarmReceiver" >
          <action android:name="REFRESH_THIS" />

I'm not sure about the REFRESH_THIS. But still, if I change it the receiver is still called more then once.

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I was recently debugging an application that had the same behavior. While the device was on and the service handling the intents was backgrounded it would still accumulate messages.

Some potential issues you might look out for:

  • If you're using the alarm as an interval timer (via setRepeating(), or some less wonderful serial method) the timer can go off several times while the [application / service] is not running (ie while the device is off - see the doc). The result being that several messages are queued in the handler, and when the application is brought back to the foreground the handler will run through the queue - multiple alarm intents will be consumed.

  • You're using a class that extends Service to receive the intents, and you started your service with START_REDELIVER_INTENT. When the service is backgrounded mid-task: it has successfully partially-executed and is interrupted to be paused. When restarted the intent is re-delivered and processed a second time.

  • recycle() your messages - or just extend IntentService instead.

To debug you may want to:

  • Add an incrementing extra to each intent (via addExtra(String, int)) to see if one intent is being delivered multiple times, or several intents are being consumed simultaneously.

You should also include code from your receiver in the question.

That's all I've got.

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