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I have a website which employs a PHP script to load some data from an HTML file and insert it in a link. So far it works perfectly:

$html = preg_replace('/(\d+):(\d+),/', '<a href="index.php?par1=$1&amp;par2=$2">$1&#58;$2</a>,', $html);

Now I want to upgrade it to insert tooltips in the links. The data is loaded from a database and I have a special function loadTooltip($param1, $param2) that does the job. The problem is how to call the function from within preg_replace(). This is the code that I have but it doesn't run the data simply showing the name of the function with the parameters. This is the code:

$html = preg_replace('/(\d+):(\d+),/', '<a href="index.php?par1=$1&amp;par2=$2" titel="loadTooltip($1, $2)">$1&#58;$2</a>,', $html);

So, how can I make it run?

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check preg_replace_callback –  air4x Oct 13 '12 at 12:30

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You can use preg_replace_callback for the task.

You might have to edit the output string of your function a bit.

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