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I'm making a game in slick2D and i wanted the game to adjust resolutions acording to the screen being used, so when i initialize my AppGameContainer i call it as the following shows

AppGameContainer appgc;
appgc = new AppGameContainer(appgc.getScreenWidth(), appgc.getScreenHeight(), true);


So my question is when using this method will i have to draw objects and do collision detection using appgc.getScreenWidth() and appgc.getScreenWidth() for example if i wanted to draw a square in the middle of the screen would i have to do it like so ?

g.fillRect(appgc.getScreenWidth, appgc.getScreenHeight(), 50, 50); 

or is there some easier way around this, as this could get confusing with collision later on as opposed to just an X and a Y axis?

thanks for any helpful answers in advance.

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If you want to draw a square in the middle of the screen using fillRect you have to do that :

int square_width = 50 ; int = 50 ;

g.fillRect((appgc.getScreenWidth+square_width)/2, (appgc.getScreenHeight+square_height)/2, square_width, square_height); 

Indeed there is the function :

fillRect(float x1, float y1, float width, float height)

  • x1 - The x coordinate of the top left corner
  • y1 - The y coordinate of the top left corner
  • width - The width of the rectangle to fill
  • height - The height of the rectangle to fill
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