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I have the following line which sends the arguments args[] and length to a method called largest.

  printf("Largest is: %d \n", largest(args[], length));

When i try to run this i get the following error:

error: expected expression before ']' token

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because you need to place an integer between the operator square brakets, or otherwise don't specify the square brackets :

printf("Largest is: %d \n", largest(&args[0], length));


printf("Largest is: %d \n", largest(args, length));

Keep in mind that args[0] is the same as *(args + 0) but args[] will give an error because it needs a number to sum ...

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 printf("Largest is: %d \n", largest(args, length));

just remove the '[]', because args is a pointer and that's what the function is expecting.

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You probably just want the pointer of the array, so pass in largest(args, length) instead.

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You can't pass an array like that. You have to pass the pointer to the array (first item):

printf("Largest is: %d \n", largest(args, length));
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