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I recently encountered a very large mission-critical project where all the configuration files were defined using textual protobuf definitions. The configuration files are meant to be human readable and editable.

For example

message ServerSettings {
  required int32 port = 3022;
  optional string name = "mywebserver";

Personally I found this humorous. But is it in fact a reasonable keep-it-simple technique, or clearly moronic ?!

In other words, are there REAL, ACTUAL problems with this ?

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If that is the text proto if format, then... Whatever, I guess. If it works, then it is as reasonable as any other serialization format.

If that is meant to be proto schema, then it is illegal (the value after the = is meant to be the field number).

Json or XML might be more typical, but as long as it works it isn't "moronic". So the ultimate question is: does it work?

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