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Let me explain the problem. I'm developping a chrome extension and I'm stuck with a little functionnality. I need to grab the url in the browser and retrieve something from my server to update the badgeText.


chrome.extension.sendMessage({method:"sendUrlInBrowser",urlinbrowser: location.href}, function(response) { });


chrome.extension.sendRequest({method: "getInfosUser"}, function(response) {
var url = location.href;
var id_user = response.id_user;
var default_friend_view_user = response.default_friend_view_user;

        "url_note" : url

    function (data)
        var obj = $.parseJSON(data);
        var note_count = obj[0].note_count;
        chrome.extension.sendMessage({method:"sendNoteCount",note_count: not_count}, function(response) {

); });


var urlinbrowser = "";var note_count = "";chrome.extension.onMessage.addListener(function(request, sender, sendResponse) {if(request.method== 'sendUrlInBrowser') urlinbrowser = request.urlinbrowser;else if(request.method== 'sendNoteCount') 
    note_count = request.note_count;
} });chrome.extension.onRequest.addListener(function(request, sender, sendResponse) {
if (request.method == "getInfosUser")
    var storage = chrome.storage.local;

    var items_to_retrieve = ['id_user','default_friend_view_user'];

    storage.get(items_to_retrieve, function(items) {
      var id_user = items.id_user;
      var default_friend_view_user = items.default_friend_view_user;

        if(items.id_user.replace(' ','')!='undefined') 
            sendResponse({id_user: id_user,default_friend_view_user: default_friend_view_user});

  sendResponse({}); // snub them.});

The main problem actually is that I need to send the result of the cross-site request back to the background, so it has to listen to these two messages (url + result) And I definitely can't :( I'm quite sure I don't have to use connect() but if it does the work... And I'm not even sure that I need 2 content-scripts. Does anyone have any idea ? Thanks...

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What is your problem exactly? Apart from the fact that you can use the single listener for all message types, all looks workable. –  Stan Oct 13 '12 at 14:27
I don't have anything in note_count... It's always an empty string... –  Morgan Oct 13 '12 at 14:37
Why do you mix Requests (pre Chrome-20) and Messages (Chrome-20+)? –  Stan Oct 13 '12 at 14:41
Hmm, good question, different examples grabbed from the Internet. Message is better, no ? And, I did find the error : {method:"sendNoteCount",note_count: not_count} I forgot a damn E in "not_count" Thanks anyway for reading :) –  Morgan Oct 13 '12 at 14:44
Also you have a typo: {method:"sendNoteCount",note_count: not_count}. not_count is not defined. –  Stan Oct 13 '12 at 14:45

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