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I have to create a carpet plot (or raster plot) with MATLAB. This plot represents the hourly electric consumption along a year.

In my actual implementation I have a m x n matrix (m is the hours in a day, n the days in a year) containing the consumption values. In order to obtain the carpet plot I use the surf function setting view(0,-90) .

The problem is that MATLAB represent each "cell" of the surface with a color that is related with the interpolation of the 4 consumption values around that "cell", whereas I need that each cell of the surface represent a single value of the matrix.

Is there a way to obtain, with MATLAB, what I need?

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surf is for making 3-dimensional surface plots.

You want a 2-dimensional heat map - try looking at the output from help imagesc and help image.

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Not only for 3D since the built-in spectrogram uses exactly the same trick as in the question. – Egon Oct 14 '12 at 6:44

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