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I am new to JPA and OpennJPA. I have two entities UserDmo and SupplierDmo. Each Supplier can have several users and this relationship is established as follws,

In UserDmo,

private long idSupplier;

private SupplierDmo supplier;

In here column ID_SUPPLIER is the FK with referenced by ID column of the SupplierDmo. Using these two entities I tried to obtain result by following query.

SELECT u.id, u.modifiedDate FROM UserDmo u JOIN u.idSupplier s WHERE s.id = 1

But I got, Error message: Attempt to query field "s.id" from non-entity variable "s". Perhaps you forgot to prefix the path in question with an identification variable from your FROM clause?

I really appreciate your help on this

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Try something like this :

SELECT u.id, u.modifiedDate FROM UserDmo u WHERE u.supplier.id = 1
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Thanks for support it works fine –  SAP Oct 14 '12 at 7:41

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