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I am trying to commit a project in which a file has been "cvs remove"d, but actually needs to be there. The contents has been completely rewritten, but it needs to retain the same name.

I am unable to either commit the project or re-add the file without getting this annoying error message. How do I "unremove" a file in CVS?

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This worked for me:

  1. Rename the file

    mv mistakenly_removed_file wtf
  2. Ask cvs to add the old version:

    cvs add mistakenly_removed_file
  3. cvs then reports it has resurrected the removed file.

    mv wtf mistakenly_removed_file

cvs status reveals that the file is now "locally modified"

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I was hit by the same problem today. The cvs commandline is really hard to use and I'm really happy you got a workaround. Sidenote: I personally love the name of the temporary file. – egore911 Mar 1 '13 at 7:55
A sense of humour is vital in this biz :D – Chris Huang-Leaver Mar 7 '13 at 13:47
cvs add FILE

Or, alternatively, if you want to get the latest copy back from the repository

cvs update -C FILE
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Sadly neither of these answers worked for me.(the question does say I can't re-add the file) For some reason we are using version '1.9.28' cicra 1998, so CVS is even more annoying than normal – Chris Huang-Leaver Aug 19 '09 at 10:18

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