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How can I get phone number in android?

Sample Code:

var contacts = Titanium.Contacts.getAllPeople();
Titanium.API.log(contacts[0].phone['mobile'][0]); //in iOS, returns "01012345678" fine :)
Titanium.API.log(contacts[0].phone['mobile'][0]); //in Android, returns ""  :(
Titanium.API.log(contacts[0].fullName); //in Android & iOS, returns "test Name" fine :)
Titanium.API.log(contacts[0].phone); //in Android, returns "" :(
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Try the following code, It worked with me

//Getting all the contacts
var people = Ti.Contacts.getAllPeople();

//Getting the total number of contacts
var totalContacts = people.length;
//Checking whether the contact list is empty or not
if( totalContacts > 0 )
    for( var index = 0; index < totalContacts; index++ )
       //Holding the details of a single contact
       var person = people[index];"Mobile -> " + person['phone'].mobile + " home-> " + person['phone'].home);

note that your phone should have contact number in mobile and home options. I've added a screen shot from my android emulator. Just try giving numbers like this

enter image description here

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This code worked for me. It scans all the contact numbers from the phone book whether it is mobile or home or anything else. Code also removes all non-digit characters from the number too:

var people = Ti.Contacts.getAllPeople();
for (var i=0, ilen=people.length; i<ilen; i++)
    var person = people[i];
    for(var temp in
        var temp_numbers =[temp];
        for(var k=0;k<temp_numbers.length; k++)
            var temp_num = temp_numbers[k];
            temp_num = temp_num.replace(/[^\d.]/g, "");
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