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I am designing a website that people post text messages. users can rate the messages (1 to 5). I'm recording this ratings into a table to:

  1. avoid multiple rating by one user for the same post
  2. to be able get the average rating of a post.

but I also the number of votes are important too. for example a post having 10 votes of 3 (makes 30) are valuable than the post with 2 votes of 5 (that makes 10). Now when I'm showing a page with 20 of this messages I want to show their rating too

This is my rating table:

create table ratings(
[id] int primary key identity(1,1),
[msgid] int,
[uid] int,
[rating] tinyint

I want to get to 20 messages from messages table with the sum of the ratings for each message and the count of ratings for each message.

select, msg.text,
    messages as msg 
inner join 
    ratings as rate on = rate.msgid 
group by

can any one please help me with the SQL query code?

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Show us the effort you've already put into solving this - explain where you're stuck, and we'll be glad to help. But we don't just write the code for you .... – marc_s Oct 13 '12 at 14:47
I edited my question and added the code I have tried – Ashkan Mobayen Khiabani Oct 13 '12 at 14:52
And what's the problem with your code? Do you get an error - if so: what error? Does it not return the data expected - then what did you expect? – marc_s Oct 13 '12 at 15:10
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You cannot select columns which haven't been used in group by clause.


select, msg.text,
    messages as msg 
inner join 
    ratings as rate on = rate.msgid 
group by, msg.text
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+1 ah- good catch ! – marc_s Oct 13 '12 at 15:14

You need to coordinate the group by with the select. Also, account for zero ratings, so use a left join:

    SUM (COALESCE (rate.rating, 0) )   AS ratingSum,
    COUNT (COALESCE (, 0) )     AS ratingCnt
    messages as msg
    ratings rate ON = rate.msgid
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I think this will work.

select msgid,
count(msgid) MsgCount,
       sum(rating)  RatingSum
from ratings
where msgid = [some msgid]
group by msgid, rating

This should work on most ANSI standard transact sql platforms. You may have to modify it for your particular database.

Thanks, --James Walsh Jr. --Developer at Large

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Welcome to StackOverflow: if you post code, XML or data samples, please highlight those lines in the text editor and click on the "code samples" button ( { } ) on the editor toolbar to nicely format and syntax highlight it! – marc_s Oct 13 '12 at 15:01

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