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Hi i am using the "selectable" of jQuery UI and i have multiple divs aligned vertically as a list and upon selecting each div the div's background changes to PINK and when i select another DIV the one selected previously should change to WHITE background. As of now i achieved what i need but the problem is the EACH function. if i have 100 divs, it loops for 100 times and checks the below conditions. My question is how can i avoid this looping and make unique selection (i.e., No two DIVs should have same color).

    var clkLink = this.id;
    	var clkLink2 = this.id;
    	if(clkLink != clkLink2)
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If you have the colours as css classes, it is quite easy to do:

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+1 this is the right way to do it –  cletus Aug 17 '09 at 11:29

This will reset them all, then change the currently clicked one:

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If you addClass rather than change the css you can then filter by the classname in a selector.

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var currentDiv = null;

$('div.selectDiv').click(function() {
    if (currentDiv !== null) {
        currentDiv.css('background', '#ff00cc');
    currentDiv = $(this);
    currentDiv.css('background', '#ffffff');
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Your jQuery UI Selectable click event shouldn't automatically be assigned using the click event of your divs. The Selectable feature has its own event binding called "Stop".

var previousSelection = {}; // Use this to store the previous selection if desired

                    stop: function() {
                        previousSelection = $(this);
                        $('.ui-selected', this).each(function() {
                            // Iterate through my new selections if desired.

I'm assuming your selectable list has a container called "selectDiv-Container" for the purposes of illustration. If you want to keep the previously-clicked item in memory (to style it or whatever), you'd cache it in a variable as above (previousSelection).

When your user clicks your list, the "stop" event fires. You can iterate through all the selected values and set their styles at that point.

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