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I'm still learning the ropes for Entity expressions, and I have this SQL query that I would like to implement into a Entity expression, the query is:

SELECT classname,abbreviation, cid
            FROM [db].[dbo].[classes] AS c
            WHERE c.cid IN (
                SELECT DISTINCT(CID)
                FROM [db].[dbo].[CDS]
                        sid = '1'
                        did = '24'
            ORDER BY abbreviation, classname 

How would I go about implementing that query into an Entity expression?

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And what's the question? –  fuex Oct 13 '12 at 16:03

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The expression would be :

context.Classes.Where(C => 
                (context.CDS.Where(CD => CD.sid == "1" && CD.did == "24")
                .Distinct(CD => CD.CID)).Contains(C.CID))
                .Select(C => new { 
                                    className = C.className, 
                                    abbreviation = C.abbreviation, 
                                    cid = C.cid 

Hope this will help !!

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Thanks, Kundan. –  Marcus Nizza Oct 14 '12 at 1:36

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