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I am conditionally redirecting to SSL in my app. I User and Admin models, both configured with devise_for. I'm using rails_admin with the Admin model, and my own CMS stuff for the Users model.

In application_controller I have a before filter check_ssl, which redirects to SSL if user_signed_in? || controller_name == 'registrations' || controller_name == 'sessions' and !request.ssl?.

I've verified the logic by watching my logs.


  • When I try to access /admin to get my RailsAdmin interface, it detects that I'm not logged in and correctly redirects to /admins/sign_in.
  • My SSL before_filter runs and sees that it's not currently SSL. My logs:
    ssl? is false and fullpath is /admins/sign_in
    should use ssl
    Redirected to
    ssl? is true and fullpath is /login

/login is the login path for my User model, not my Admin model.
The redirect code is literally: redirect_to({:protocol => 'https'}, :flash => flash)
What is going on here?

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Have you tried to actually re-set the url with the url from the request object? redirect_to({ :url => request.url, :protocol => 'https'}, :flash => flash} – Vapire Oct 13 '12 at 17:09
url => request.url just passes passes url as a query param, but manually constructing the path like "#{protocol}://#{host}#{request.fullpath}" did work correctly. Question is: why can't I just use {:protocol => 'https'}? – devth Oct 14 '12 at 22:43

To make this work correctly I ended up having to manually build my redirect url:

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