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I am new to time manipulation or time arithmetic operations and am currently developing a navigation system with Web server based information and currently I have this Database that contains a table peek hours whose columns are id, start_time, end_time , edge_id, day_of_the_week, edge_weight

|                  Peek Hours                                           |
|    |            |           |         |                 |             |
| id | start_time |  end_time | edge_id | day_of_the_week | edge_weight |
|    |            |           |         |                 |             |

I am using PHP as a webservice and so based on the current time i want to get all the records that would fit this equation

start_time< current_time < end_time

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Can you show sample data ? –  metalfight - user868766 Oct 13 '12 at 16:50
Do you have problem with the SQL? In any case you'll need one SELECT statement with a WHERE and an AND clauses ;-) And you'll have to watch the formats of current_time, which I suppose you get from your script, and of start_time, respectively end_time. Both PHP and MySQL have functionality inbuilt to format date, time and datetime. –  Havelock Oct 13 '12 at 17:01

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As the other comments suggest, you didn't look very hard.

 FROM peek_hours
 WHERE start_time < NOW()
 AND NOW() < end_time

You can also do this:

 FROM peek_hours
 WHERE NOW() between start_time AND end_time

Although BETWEEN is "less than or equal to".

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