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I've seen several scripts during my time as a web programmer (I'm still new though) which had PHP included in an uncommon way.

The PHP was not added the usual way like <div><?php echo $foo; ?></div>, but this way: <div>{FOO}</div> or this <div>{$foo}</div>.

I am wondering how I could achieve such a thing? I really want to learn this thing.

Can someone direct me to the correct sources to learn this?


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It has to be a template engine? You inject values to it from a PHP script. Smarty is a basic example.

For example, from your PHP page, you write :

 $smarty = new Smarty;
 $smarty->assign('foo', 'Bar Baz');

And, your template page would look like


with .tpl extenstion.

When the program is run, the template variable {foo} will be replaced by its assigned value "Bar Baz"

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Does it have to be .tpl at any cost? :S –  Aborted Oct 14 '12 at 8:52
@Dugi- I don't think so. Just generalized in the context of smarty :-) –  janenz00 Oct 14 '12 at 14:12

The Developer must have been using a Template Engine Such as Smarty

You can even define arrays:

{assign var=foo value=[1,2,3]}



The following would help you get started

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