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I have an iOS app that can connect to any number of distinct services and each of those services have a number of information (such as Service name, URL, Login Name, Password etc).

I have looked at the keychain functions and the wrapper functions (Apple's GenericKeychain sample) The examples I have seen seem show storing and retrieving a single dictionary object for a key.

The flow in my application is 1. Application starts 2. Retrieve all the stored login information (currently I am using NSUserDefaults as a stopgap) 3. Construct a view with each of the services found using the stored logins 4. User selects one of the services (or can add a new service) and connects into it

So my question is, How do you go about querying all the stored logins?

Is it a good idea to create a keychain for service names and then after retrieving the saved services, use that as a key to retrieve the associated information (such as the account URL, account Password ?)

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