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I've defined some models in App.run below which I'm overriding within the controller someCtrl:

App.run(['$rootScope', function($rootScope) {
  $rootScope.attempt = 1;

function someCtrl($scope, $rootScope) {
  $rootScope.attempt = 2;

  $rootScope.checkAttempt = function () {
    return $rootScope.attempt > 1 ? true : false;    

There is a button on the page out of someCtrl's scope:

<button class='btn' ng-disabled="checkAttempt()">Who's changing my value?</button>

FYI, I'm aware of creating a service or using emit-broadcaste mechanism to share data across controllers but I would like to know How authenticate is it to inject $rootScope into a controller?

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IMHO, I think its fine to inject $rootScope into a controller. I would recommend using emit/broadcast.

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One thing about using rootScope is that you have the ability to broadcast down to all the child scopes. One other note and that is, when using scopes the best practice is to not attach directly onto the scope, meaning, create objects on scopes, so $rootScope.my = { attempt: 1 }. This is key for two-way data binding and you are less apt to lose binding. – Dan Doyon Feb 16 '14 at 5:49

You don't need to inject $rootScope into a controller. When you inject $scope, you automatically have access to anything defined in $rootScope due to scope inheritance. See documentation. Scroll down to Scope Hierarchies section.

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Well, there is no harm in injecting a $rootScope into a controller, services or directives but you do try to figure out if its really necessary. The reason is that any method or property bound to $rootScope makes it global that will not be GC'ed unless manually cleaned up and it creates all those problems which global variables create.

The best way to share data across multiple controllers is to use a service.

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