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I am trying to get a page feed through the OpenGraph API. I have registered an app for this purpose and I am using ASP.NET to display the results on a web page.

Here's what I'm doing in the C# code, step by step:

  1. Request to get an access token.

  2. Request the page with the access token.

Using this method, I am able to retrieve the feed from, for example, the Coca-Cola page ( without problems. However, if I try an alcoholic brand such as Smirnoff or Jim Beam, I get an empty result set back.

From reading other questions on this subject, I have come to understand that this is because pages for alcohol brands are age-restricted and marked as having alcohol-related content in their settings, and that the app settings need to "reflect" this in order to access the data.

After reading this I tried configuring my app restrictions for the maximum age requirement and also ticked the "Contains alcohol" checkbox. I also tinkered with the geographic restriction, entering my own country (I am able to view these pages from my own Facebook account). This doesn't make any difference.


  1. Does my app restrictions need to EXACTLY reflect the restrictions of the page?

  2. Is this at all possible to do using the authentication method I am using? I am new to OAuth and there's obviously no callback URL being used (or Facebook dialog displayed to anyone) when I am getting the access token.

  3. If it's not possible to do using my method, how do I get the feed from a page with alcohol-related content onto a webpage?

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I am having the exact same issue, did you resolve this? – fizgig Sep 17 '13 at 20:10

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