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I have about 24 large cover images with hovers that reveal station info and a play button. When the user click on the play button the "player" changes info to match the which one the user clicks.

Currently I have a smaller image of the cover in the "player" and it doesn't change to match the larger version.

I want the little cover image in the player to also change just like the station name and the station info do when the user clicks play so that they match the larger image

Here is the script I have so far. I don't have the cover image change in the script yet as that is what I'm trying to figure out how to link the small images because currently I have only one and its linked in the css and I have about 23 others

var station = $('.player-station'),
    record = $('.record2:first'),
    playBtns = $('.play'),
    info = $('.nprecinfo');

    var btn = $(this);
    if(btn.text() == 'STOP')
        record.css({'-webkit-animation-play-state': 'paused',
                    '-moz-animation-play-state': 'paused'});

    var album = btn.closest('.album');
    record.css({'-webkit-animation-play-state': 'running',
                '-moz-animation-play-state': 'running'});

here is the html code with the small cover image. It appears inside < div id="lrvinyl" >

<div id="player">
            <div id="recordbox">
            <div class="record2">
            <div class="player-box">
            <div id="title-player">Now playing:</div><br><strong><span class="player-station">Groove Salad</span></strong>
 <p class="nprecinfo">A nicely chilled plate of ambient/downtempo beats and grooves.</p>
<div class="bars-box">
<div class="bars">
<div class="bar-1"></div>
<div class="bar-2"></div>
<div class="bar-3"></div>
<div class="bar-4"></div>
<div class="bar-5"></div>
<div class="bar-6"></div>
<div class="bar-7"></div>
<div class="bar-8"></div>
<div class="bar-9"></div>
<div class="bar-10"></div>
<div id="lrvinyl">
<div class="grid_3">
    <div class="album">
    <div class="record">

and here is the fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/7txt3/15/

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what exactly do you want to achieve in the fiddle you posted? –  Nelson Oct 13 '12 at 17:49
@Nelson I want the little cover image to change just like the station name and the station info do so that they match the big image when the user clicks play –  benlevywebdesign Oct 13 '12 at 17:51
here at fiddle is how I did it, with jQuery .css and adding rel="path_to_image" to play button link. Is this what you are looking for? –  wzazza Oct 13 '12 at 17:57
I don't see neither station info nor station name change at anytime.. they seem static.. also the cover little image already matches the big cover image, that is to say, the small is a thumbnail of the big one, please clarify a bit more and check if the fiddle you posted is the one you're talking about.. –  Nelson Oct 13 '12 at 17:57
@wzazza thats not quite exactly what I wanted. I want the little cover image in the "player" to change just like the other info for the station does. You just made a image spin around like the record does :P –  benlevywebdesign Oct 13 '12 at 17:58

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Add rel="path_to_album_image" to each play button. And then add script:


So when you press play button the little image changes to image that is defined in play buttons rel="" attribute. Demo

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Thanks! This is it! –  benlevywebdesign Oct 13 '12 at 18:25

Just change the background image of your #lrvinyl div to the new image, like so:


See the working demo

Now this is the code to change the image dynamically, without hardcoding it like my previous code, check it:

var im = $(this).parent().next('div').css('background-image');

See the live demo

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not quite the answer but going in the right direction –  benlevywebdesign Oct 13 '12 at 18:24
@benlevywebdesign I've updated my answer with new code that I think is what you want, the image url is retrieve automatically instead of hardcoded. –  Nelson Oct 13 '12 at 18:28
almost but it doesn't use the smaller image –  benlevywebdesign Oct 13 '12 at 18:29

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