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I have numerous objects, some of which would have different ArrayList properties (of custom objects). The same object could occurr in any of the above ArrrayList.

I would like to have those objects being passed by reference so that when I edit one of them, the changes are reflected across all ArrayLists/objects.

I need to pass those objects or ArrayLists as Parcelable across different Activities. I think Parcelable interface is causing passing by reference not working (which kind of makes sense considering you need to implement new constructor, so supposedly the new object is created/cloned every time Parcel is being created and passed?).

I was wondering what would be the best approach to handle this situation, ie. how can I achieve or simulate the behaviour of the objects being passed by reference. I dont really want to use any of the persistent storage tehniques if it can be avoided.

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Found any good way for this? – Panos Jan 8 '15 at 11:48

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