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How do I get elements that are not deleted class ".deleted"?

<ul class="users">
    <li class="user">mack</li>
    <li class="user">david</li>
    <li class="user">Resa</li>
    <li class="user deleted">Stock</li>
    <li class="user">fame</li>
    <li class="user">clock</li>
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so; you can do it with css selector and method.


jQuery("ul.users li").not(".deleted");

or jQuery(":not()")

jQuery("ul.users li:not(.deleted)");

is between using “:not” and “.not()” selectors

See Performance differences between using ":not" and ".not()" selectors?

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Use :not():

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$('.users .user').not('.deleted');
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$("ul.users > li.user:not(.deleted)");
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With jQuery:

$(".users li:not(.deleted)")
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