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I need to send a push message from Urban Airship. To do this I have to send an API request from CakePHP.
My question: where should i put the code for the API request in CakePHP? In the model or in the controller? Where is the correct place for this?

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I follow Neil Crookes' idea of keeping the logic in the datasource. An API is really just a datasource, after all. Then, models are introduced as the various endpoints the API has. For example, I have a Stripe plugin that follows this model. A StripeCustomer model then has a $path variable that the datasource uses as the endpoint.

This model has several benefits:

  1. API calls are integrated with the ORM - so they look like regular model finds and saves
  2. You can utilize built in validation, callbacks, behaviors, etc.
  3. Very DRY and therefore easy to debug and test
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