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I have a class I need to mock:

class MessagePublisher {

 * @param \PhpAmqpLib\Message\AMQPMessage $msg
 * @param string $exchange - if not provided then one passed in constructor is used
 * @param string $routing_key
 * @param bool $mandatory
 * @param bool $immediate
 * @param null $ticket
public function publish(AMQPMessage $msg, $exchange = "", $routing_key = "", $mandatory = false, $immediate = false, $ticket = null)
    if (empty($exchange)) {
        $exchange = $this->exchangeName;

    $this->channel->basic_publish($msg, $exchange, $routing_key, $mandatory, $immediate, $ticket);

I am using Mockery 0.7.2

    $mediaPublisherMock = \Mockery::mock('MessagePublisher')

unfortunately my tests failed, due to this error

call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class 'Mockery\Expectation' does not have a method 'publish' in /vendor/mockery/mockery/library/Mockery/CompositeExpectation.php on line 54

I have tried to debug I found that tests fails in this code

public function __call($method, array $args)
    foreach ($this->_expectations as $expectation) {
        call_user_func_array(array($expectation, $method), $args);
    return $this;

$method = 'publish'
$args = array()
$expectation is instance of Mockery\Expectation object ()

I am using php 5.3.10 - any idea what is wrong?

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This is happening because you are assigning a mock expectation to $mediaPublisherMock, rather than the mock itself. Try adding the getMock method to the end of that call, like:

$mediaPublisherMock = \Mockery::mock('MessagePublisher')
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or split the code into two lines: $mediaPublisherMock = \Mockery::mock('MessagePublisher'); $mediaPublisherMock>shouldReceive('publish') ->withAnyArgs() ->times(3) ->andReturn(null); This was my solution. –  Eric Cope Jan 27 at 5:50

Ok problem solved by using standard PhpUnit Mock library

This works:

$mediaPublisherMock = $this->getMock('Mrok\Model\MessagePublisher', array('publish'), array(), '', false);

Why I did not start from this ;)

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I believe $expectation should be your class, MessagePublisher

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I checked twice - it is Mockery\Expectation, it contains property _mock (Mockery\Mock) and _name = string "publish" –  mrok Oct 13 '12 at 21:07

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