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I am new to Wordpress / PHP. Please can you advise the best way I can display images within a page through Wordpress? They don't have to be edited in the admin but can be if it is easier to do so.

Currently I am doing it like this;

<?php if (is_page(43)) { ?>
<img src="/images/notting-hill-4.jpg">
<img src="/images/notting-hill-5.jpg">

<?php } elseif (is_page(162)) {  ?>

<img src="/images/notting-hill-7.jpg">
<img src="/images/notting-hill-8.jpg">
<img src="/images/notting-hill-9.jpg">

<?php } else { ?>

<img src="/images/notting-hill-1.jpg">
<img src="/images/notting-hill-2.jpg">
<img src="/images/notting-hill-3.jpg">

<?php } ?>  
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Why dont you add them in the admin section? – jtheman Oct 13 '12 at 20:57
You can upload and place images directly into your pages through the Wordpress interface. Although, if you want to change which images are shown (say in a header, or something) based on which page you are viewing, you could look into setting up different page templates. – Shawn Wernig Oct 13 '12 at 21:13

You could for example use the NextGen gallery plugin. Find it here:

Create a gallery for each page. Then use shortcodes or the other ways provided to display your images as you want them. Don't be fooled by the gallery features, it will also allow you to display the individual images (I am very certain of, although it was a while since I used this.)

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