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With Delphi for Windows, I usually use this code:

function isCtrlDown : Boolean;
  ksCurrent : TKeyboardState;
  Result := ((ksCurrent[VK_CONTROL] and 128) <> 0);

How can I achieve this with FireMonkey on Mac OSX?

I have found this, but I don't know how to manage it with FireMonkey/Delphi (which uses, ...):

void PlatformKeyboardEvent::getCurrentModifierState(bool& shiftKey, bool& ctrlKey, bool& altKey, bool& metaKey)
    UInt32 currentModifiers = GetCurrentKeyModifiers();
    shiftKey = currentModifiers & ::shiftKey;
    ctrlKey = currentModifiers & ::controlKey;
    altKey = currentModifiers & ::optionKey;
    metaKey = currentModifiers & ::cmdKey;

I'm still investigating... For now, I have find this unit with key events stuff... unit Macapi.AppKit;

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Based on this answer you could try this:

function isCtrlDown : Boolean; 
    Result := NSControlKeyMask and TNSEvent.OCClass.modifierFlags = NSControlKeyMask;
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This returns the current shift state:


function KeyboardModifiers: TShiftState;
  kVK_Shift                     = $38;
  kVK_RightShift                = $3C;
  kVK_Control                   = $3B;
  kVK_Command                   = $37;
  kVK_Option                    = $3A;
  result := [];
  if (CGEventSourceKeyState(0, kVK_Shift) <> 0) or (CGEventSourceKeyState(0, kVK_RightShift) <> 0) then Include(result, ssShift);
  if CGEventSourceKeyState(0, kVK_Command) <> 0 then Include(result, ssCommand);
  if CGEventSourceKeyState(0, kVK_Option) <> 0 then Include(result, ssAlt);
  if CGEventSourceKeyState(0, kVK_Control) <> 0 then Include(result, ssCtrl);
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Both solutions posted during my sleep are working. Sorry, I have accepted the other one because it was posted some few minutes earlier... it has been hard to choose between both of you. BTW, you get a +1 – Whiler Oct 14 '12 at 10:24
Thanks Whiler, +1 from me too Giel – Arjen van der Spek Oct 14 '12 at 10:27

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