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I am looking for a way to load solution/project specific settings for Visual Studio (2010+).

I know similar questions have been asked but my requirements are a bit different.

Here are the requirements:

  • The settings must be stored per solution or project
  • I need to be able to keep the settings as part of my source code
  • Settings should be loaded when solution or project is opened
  • The users original settings must be preserved and restored when solution/project is closed
  • Installation of any tools/plugins is not an option unless they come pre-installed with Visual Studio. Projects like http://editorconfig.org/ are promising but until there is a big user base they are not an option.

Just to provide a bit more context... I want to change the "Keep tabs", "Tab size" and "Indent size" settings for Visual Studio.

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From your requirements, you should be using workspaces per solution/project

Hope this helps

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