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Is there anyway to fetch the mysql error in datamapper (I am using Sinatra)

@params = {"product"=>"client", "os"=>"windows", "architecture"=>"32", "version"=>""}
@a = Package.new(@params)

@a.save returns me false, because version cannot be null. But How can I retrieve this error message (that mysql must have returned saying version can not be null)?

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DataMapper: If your validators find errors in your model, they will populate the Validate::ValidationErrors object that is available through each of your models via calls to your model's errors method.

if @a.save
  #Record saved 
  @a.errors.each do |e|
    puts e
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Not sure, but it did not work :( I am using dm-is-reflective. –  JVK Oct 15 '12 at 7:33

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